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Farm & Agriculture Insurance

Being located in Upstate New York means when we drive to work, we don’t see skyscrapers and taxi cabs.

On our way to work, we see silos, tractors, and acres of crops. That’s because farmers are at the center of the communities we serve.

At Generations Agency we want to support farmers and agricultural business owners, like you. Whether you run a corporate farm or a small local farm, we will work with you to find affordable rates and customize an insurance policy that caters to your specific farming needs.

We offer customizable insurance coverage to a variety of farms and agricultural businesses, including:

  • Crop farms
  • Dairy farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Breweries
  • Ranches
  • Specialty farms
  • Berry & fruit growers
  • U-Pick Operations
  • Road Side Stores

You have worked hard to establish your farm, and we want to help you protect all that’s gone into it. After all, we’re a local business, too. So, we understand your concerns. Our goal is to make protecting your farm easy and affordable while helping to lighten your load and give you peace of mind.

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Types of Coverage

One of our knowledgeable agents will happily walk you through the different types of coverage we offer, so you fully understand the framework.

Liability Coverage

Helps protect your farm or agricultural business from lawsuits and damages related to your products or services.

Equipment & Breakdown

Covers your farming systems in the case that they are damaged. 

Livestock Coverage

This coverage can be specified per animal or blanket and can provide coverage for, (but not limited to) fire, accidental poisoning, building collapse, and drowning. 

Service Line Coverage 

A special coverage most policies do not include is coverage of water, sewage, air, and gas lines. Those lines, even if put in by the state, are your property. If they break, you will have to pay for their repair.


 If your farm is incorporated or your business is an LLC, then you need to make sure your policy will cover losses to its belongings. In addition, if your policy is in your personal name; without the proper coverages, any possessions that are owned by the Corp/LLC might not be covered. The opposite is also true; if your policy is in the business name, make certain that your personal property is covered as well. Don’t forget business auto coverage, having a ‘non-owned’ coverage endorsement can mean the difference between bankruptcy and a simple insurance claim.

Loss of Income Coverage

When your farm stops working, your expenses don’t stop coming. This coverage provides you with income to keep your farm running in the event of a disaster that keeps you from earning your living. Loss of income coverage gives you money for things like payroll expenses, rent, taxes, and profit from the sale of your product. Your income can depend on simple things like your refrigeration system or your milking parlor’s motherboard. What is your weak link? 

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We would be pleased to talk with your family business about protecting your way of life, give us a call at 315.568.9476 or email us at


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