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Business Loans & Checklist

Business Lending

Growth takes time, commitment and, sometimes, a business loan that gives you access to the funds you need to expand your business.

Generations Bank has been lending money in our hometowns for generations. We make loan decisions locally and service loans locally because we believe it is best for our customers and best for building a strong community. Reach out to a business loan expert to learn more about our business loan offerings!

We also offer lines of credit for capital needs and working capital with a manageable rate that can be linked to your operating account; transfer available funds from your line to your operating account whenever you need it!

Important documents to have available during your appointment

Documentation Checklist

  • Application / Proposal / Request
  • Financial Information
    • Business Tax Returns (3 yrs.)
    • Business Financial Statements (3 yrs.)
    • Personal Tax Returns (3 yrs.)
    • Personal Financial Statement (3 yrs.)
    • Cash Flow on Business or Corporation
    • Inventory, Equipment List & Receivables Aging
    • Corporate Resolutions, Partnership or D/B/A etc.
  • Projections
  • Business Plan

Required Documents:

Business Credit Application (PDF)
Personal Financial Statement (PDF)

Completed documents can be dropped off at any of our offices or mailed to:

Generations Bank
20 East Bayard Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148