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Business Insurance

You’ve worked hard to establish your business.

We want to help you protect all that’s gone into it. After all, we’re a local business, too. So we understand your concerns. Partner with a Generations agent to secure the right-sized plan for the job.

Types of insurance:

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability Insurance protects small-business owners from claims of injury, property damage, and negligence related to their business activities. The coverage provided by a liability insurance policy helps your business owner cover the costs associated with mounting a legal defense as well as damages awarded

Property Insurance

Whether it’s your building/s, contents, computers, outdoor signs or other items, you need to protect them from the unexpected. We can help you understand your coverage options, deductibles and craft a policy that makes sense for you and your business.

Business Auto

If you have vehicles used in the course of business, they need special coverage. We’ll make sure your vehicles and your business are classified and protected properly.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is a form of insurance that provides replacement of wages and medical benefits to employees that are hurt on the job, in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employee for the tort of negligence. It’s an important coverage and in NYS it’s required by law to have it. We’ll make sure your employees are classified correctly and that you’re getting any discounts you deserve.

NYS Disability Insurance

NYS Disability Insurance is also required by law, and provides employee benefits to those disabled by injury or illness off the job.

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