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Our Guide to Avoiding Financial Exploitation

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Check out our video on how to make your first budget or improve your current budget!




Fixed or Variable Rate? Determining Your HELOC Repayment Schedule

Home Equity Lines of Credit can come with either a fixed or variable rate of interest, throughout a borrower’s term. Learn more about which repayment schedule is right for you from Generations Bank.

Managing Your Construction Loan for Your Dream Home

Construction mortgage loans are structured differently than traditional mortgages. Find out how to manage this type of financing with the help of Generations Bank.

Are You in the Right Place for a Home Equity Loan?

If you want to consolidate debt or finance an upcoming home improvement project, a home equity loan may help. Find out more from Generations Bank.

Tips for Using Credit Cards

There are several ways to use credit cards responsibly and save in the long run. Learn more tips for using credit cards from Generations Bank.

Saving for Your First Home

While budgeting for a house, there are other things to consider besides your first home mortgage. Learn more about saving for a home with Generations Bank

How a Home Mortgage Works

Before buying a home, learning how a home mortgage works can help you feel more prepared for your big purchase. Find out more from Generations Bank.