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Robert Kernan Jr. Joins Generations Commercial Bank

Posted On: 03/22/2019

Seneca Falls, N.Y. – Mr. Robert Kernan, Jr. a respected civic and business leader, and Chairman Emeritus of Generations Bank has joined Generations Commercial Bank as a Community Ambassador. Generations Commercial Bank was formed to accept deposits from area municipalities and publicly funded entities.Robert Kernan

Mr. Kernan has held roles with numerous not for profit organizations, including The United Way, Seneca County IDA, National Women’s Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls School District, and many others. He also served as the President and Chairman of Seneca Falls Savings Bank. “I am very pleased to represent Generations Commercial Bank.” Said Kernan, “We are helping municipalities earn a fair return on their deposits which helps them and benefits taxpayers. In turn, those deposits are loaned locally to help build those very same communities – it’s a tremendous win-win.”

“Municipal banking is a new area of growth opportunity for Generations and we are excited to be a part of it. We have already made great strides in this area and with Mr. Kernan’s contribution there is no limit to what we can do.” Commented Menzo Case, President and CEO of Generations. “Mr. Kernan is a tremendous asset to our Commercial Bank efforts. His commitment to the Finger Lakes region as demonstrated by his years of public service and business leadership make him ideal for this role.”

Generations Commercial bank was launched in November, 2018 to comply with New York State requirements for municipal banking relationships.