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Women's Walk of Fame

Women's Walk of Fame

The Women’s Walk of Fame is a community project celebrating and honoring women of distinction who left an impact on society. The first round of installation includes 11 bronze plaques that will be placed in the sidewalk in front of businesses in downtown Seneca Falls, resembling the “Hollywood Walk of Fame.” The first of the eleven plaques will be placed in the Generations Bell Park located on the corner of East Bayard Street and White Street.

Our hope to get other businesses involved to help grow the walk of fame throughout the community.


Those Included in the First Round of Installations

Sponsoring Businesses
These businesses helped pay for the 11 bronze plaques and their installation.

  • Generations Bank
  • Right to Run 19K, Inc.

Participating Businesses
These businesses will have a bronze plaque featuring a historic woman set inside the sidewalk outside of their business.

  • The First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls
  • Blush by CVDesigns
  • WomanMade Products
  • Downtown Deli
  • Seneca Falls Performing Arts Center
  • Fall Street Brewing
  • Cafe 19
  • It's a Wonderful Life Museum
  • Generations Agency
  • Generations Bank

Historic Women by Category
These are the women currently being honored in the Walk of Fame for their achievements.



  • Maya Angelou -Downtown Deli
  • Aretha Franklin - Seneca Falls Performing Arts Center
  • Donna Reed - It's a Wonderful Life Museum


Social Reform

  • Alice Paul - The First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls
  • Lucretia Mott - Generations Bank



  • Hedy Lamarr - Fall Street Brewing
  • Marie Curie - Cafe 19



  • Susan Ahn Cuddy - Generations Agency



  • Amelia Earhart - Blush by CVDesigns



  • Madam C.J. Walker - WomanMade Products



  • Wilma Rudolph - TBD (Request this plaque using the form below!)

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for other businesses that would like to sponsor a plaque. These business will have their name inscribed at the bottom of the plaque under "donated by."

Each plaque cost roughly $1,000 which includes the cost of installation. Businesses interested in sponsoring a plaque can reach out to for more information. 

The participating businesses in the Historic District of Seneca Falls, where the plaques will be placed will NOT have to pay for the plaque or installation unless they wish to pay for the sponsorship. For example, the plaque being placed in the sidewalk outside of Cafe 19 was fully sponsored by Generations Bank. Cafe 19 will not incur any of the costs.

Request a Plaque or Nominate a Woman

We are collecting nominations of historic women to include in the Walk of Fame. There is also a form for business owners interested in having a plaque outside their business.

We are still working on putting together a committee to judge nominations but for now, we are happy to collect nominations from the community. Criteria for both participating businesses and the historic women being honored in the Walk of Fame are included below. 

Criteria for Participating Businesses 

Each plaque in the walk of fame should be in a walkable distance of one another. For now, the requirements are listed below. These requirements are subject to change as the project develops. 

  • The business must be located in the Historic District of Seneca Falls. View the map on the Town of Seneca Falls website.
  • The business must have a sidewalk in which the plaque can be placed. Subject to approval by the Town of Seneca Falls.


Business owners can use the contact form below to request a a Women's Walk of Fame plaque outside their business.

Request a Plaque for a Business

Contact Information

Criteria for Historic Women

  • Must be a woman who had a lasting positive impact on society at a national and/or global scale.
  • Nominees should fit into one of the approved categories: Arts, Social Reform, Military, STEM, Sports, Business or Pioneer (a person who was first or among the earliest in any field, enterprise, or development).
  • No politicians or government officials (military officials may be excluded from this requirement).
  • Must be deceased.


Use the contact form below to nominate a woman you'd like to see included in the women's walk of fame. 

Nominate a Historic Woman

Contact Information